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Hey hey I'm a newbie here but I adore the whole SM world but I'm no newbie to RP's so that's good I guess. Just one question are the Starlights going to be in this RP? If so can I claim Healer/Yaten or Fighter/Seiya either or I'm game with both I just love those 2 girls ^^.
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Um...I was wondering if you wanted someone to play Saturn who isn't a co-mod, I could do it.

I mean, if the co-mod wants Saturn I understand, but if you want I could play Saturn.

If not then just forget about it.

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hey everyone! im gonna start posting now! but can someone give me an overview or a summary of what has happened so far? i play rei and pegasus. pleez help!

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A small sigh given as she leaned back, letting eyes come forwards to rest on the folded mirror as they moved throughout and about the streets. So busy. It was amazing to see.

She blinked as he asked what was wrong with her. She blushed as she grinned sheeplish ever so.

"I'm sorry, I don't mean to be this way."

Oh how she wish she could tell him about this sinking feeling. This feeling of lost and darkness that was swelling up inside of her. Of what Hotaru had said and had claimed was coming. Of the anticipation if this perfect life would be destroyed by the need to fight and become that sailor of love once more. Yet she grinned and turned with that bright smile towards him.

"Will you come watch me at the contest then? Will you be there to cheer me on?"

Oh please say he would. It was what she needed. Him to be there for her in her most nervous moments. Minako chuckled softly as she turned once more to look at the trees. Almost home. Ah, the aspect of being able to be held in his arm was making her blush as she felt a bit better. Yet,s he couldn't help but feel like he was hiding something also.

"Are you sure you are alright? I mean is there anything important coming up to you? I don;t want my stuff going over top of yours."

Was she being too forwards? Oh let us hope not because she would feel horrible about it and that was something Minako couldn't live with herself for doing so.

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It was hard to keep those green colored eyes upon the road for too much, because of the glowing beauty besides him. He stole glances at her, only to see the back of her head, watching the trees and other objects pass by. Those golden locks of hers... he was tempted to reach over to touch them. They reminded him of somethng... a piece that was missing.
He looked back upon the road, and slowed down as they came to a light. He felt her gaze upon him and pretended not to notice. The car then went into motion once more. He felt her attention leaving once more. That was the chance he took to steal another look. It would of been better to see those pair of cerulean eyes, but he didn't want her to know. He didn't want her to know about the uneasines thats been dwelling within him.
"I hope you don't mind me entering this contest and going to it. After all, it's so close. Only a couple more days." Those words just seem to come from no where to him. But he saw her lips move.
"I don't mind. I'm happy you're shooting for your dream, Minako." He gave a reassuring smile, and that was when she looked back at him once more, and then the next words flowed out of those lips.
"Hey, you love me?" His future idol spoke, and he watched as a crimson color crossed her features. That smile remained gracing his face and a nod came.
"Of corse I do. I love you. Is something wrong?" He asked. Were they both feeling uneasy about something? He couldn't put a finger on what's bothering him, but he knew now it wasn't the idol thing. No, he was proud she would be persuing her dreams. His attention was pulled back to the road.