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Welcome to my sailor moon rpg!
I am the moderator, eternal_usagi
Co Mods: amazonquartet4 and xxsailorsaturnx

Couple pairs:

Usagi and Seiya is Forbidden Love
Created by: lady_grace


-Chibiusa is born to Rei and Mamoru, who are married and live at the temple. Chibiusa is Sailor Chibi Earth (see Character Specific Requirements concerning her).
-Chibi Chibi is born to Seyia and Usagi, who are married and live in a house together. Chibi Chibi is Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon

-Pegasus/Helios is in the picture however he does not go to Chibiusa. He is just searching for someone to go to, with no luck.

-Nepherina and Galaxia are partners in crime who have come to regular Tokyo to steal peoples dreams to gain power and take over, turning earth into a realm of darkness.

-Seyia has been in the picture from the start. He and Usagi have this fierce, growing love. Because of their destined love, naturally Usagi's love brought forth the truth of Seyia being the Moon Kingdoms King. Her love brought him straight to her and he realized his scout power somewhere in between the inner and outer senshi (I dont think when matters)

-However, he is the only one of the Starlights that has transformed into a Starlight, because he was revived because of Usagi's love and his detiny with her. He forgot about the other two starlights and the Princess and the other two have not been awakened, as well as Princess Kakyuu.

-Seyia dreams of Taiki, Yaten and Princess Kakyuu a lot. The thing is, Seiya has been dreaming of these three, not knowing the significance. Seiya doesnt understand y he keeps dreaming of Ami and Mina's bfs and where the heck this lady comes from.

-Yaten and Taiki are completely oblivious to the identity they all have as scouts.

-The Starlights are NOT in a band. They have no real connection with each other, other than the senshi. Seyia is the only one with dreams, just to clarify.

-Somewhere along the line, Nepherina and Galaxia signals Seyia out, among the many she signals out to steal dreams, and steals his dream. Along with that, she then sees the truth about Seiya as a starlight and awakens the two other lights and the princess BUT under her spell so they are evil. (Obviously, they should be healed eventually).

-In the process of Nepherina and Galaxia stealing Seyias dream, he dies and Usagi is absolutly heartbroken! This is where Pegasus comes in. He senses the great loss of Sailor Moon, but also the power of her love, and goes to her, (like he did with chibiusa) and thats what draws Pegasus into this plot (It's up to Pegasus to power up all the scouts, and revive Seyia, but with the help of Sailor Moon)!

-However, Chibiusa does play a large part. She is destined to be with Helios. When Pegasus goes to the scouts, he has a connection with Sailor Moon because of her love. BUT, he has been getting spirts of energy to sustain him through all the "dream catching" and when he sees Chibiusa with the other scouts, he has finally found his love he has been searching for, his destined love! Therefore, you can see how it evolves from there with Pegasus/Helios and Chibiusa.

Specific Character Requirements:
As you can see I have structered this Plot Line more than others.
We start from the very begining, when Nepherina and Galaxia have just come to earth and are plotting to get dreams for power.
However to do this, there need to be some character "requirements" in order for this plot to work. (Because if the character doesnt portray these aspects during the plot, at certain points as the plot evolves, the plot wont work)!
Here is what they need to be:

-Pegasus searches for someone to go to, with no avail: He does not go to Usagi until Seyia dies.
The only reason why he is sustained is because he gets these spirts of energy that sustain him. Unbeknowst (sp :?) to him, it is from his destined lover (Chibiusa) but he only gets these spirts of energy when she transforms.
And, Pegasus only finds Chibiusa when he powers up all the scouts, and then her power spirts he has recieved is revealed to him.
Together, he and Sailor Moon revive Seyia at some point.

-Chibiusa feels these power spirts and is drained each time she powers up. But no one knows why! Her attacks also change: Moon is changed to earth since she is the Earth Kings daughter and she does not attack with Sailor Moon.

-Seyia obviously dreams of the two starlights and the princess, and at some point dies but then is revived. And he doesnt remember the starlights and princess.

-Nepherina and Galaxia have to at some point signal out Seyia and steal his dream, causing him to die and revivng the two other starlights and princess kakyuu under her evil Spell.

-Usagi is heartbroken when Seyia is killed (obviously) but draws Pegasus. Pegasus gives them all the power to evolve into the Super Form of the soilders n all that jazz. Sailor Moon and Pegasus together revive Seyia at some point.

As for Yaten and Taiki, all I have to say is to be creative if you are playing them.

1)You can be as many characters as you can handle.
2)Try to post 4 to 5 times a week so we don't have a dead rpg.
3)If you have a character that has "specific character requirements" you must follow through on those requirements as the plot folds out!
4)Try to use complete and appropriate sentences. Write in third person, ie: "Chibusa walked down the hall and noticed a figure move along the shadows infront of her." NOT "I walked down the hall and noticed a figure was mocing further along the halls than me."

Usagi: eternal_usagi
Rei: reesedancer
Ami: Open
Minako: idol_of_love
Makoto: makotojupiter10
Haruka: xxheliosxx
Hotaru: amazonquartet4
Seiya: cest_jolie
Taiki: OPEN
Yaten: darknesssoldier
Kakyuu: Open
Galaxia: OPEN
Nepherina: OPEN
Chibiusa: xxsailorsaturnx
Chibi Chibi: xxsailorsaturnx
Mamoru: _mamoru_chan_
Pegasus/Helios: reesedancer
Nepy: OPEN

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